Creating Citrix Users for the Appliance Model

This assumes a client is using a Satori Appliance that is completely standalone and not integrated into a domain.

1.       Obtain a list of users from the client.  Need to know the following about each user:

a.       What is the person’s Name?

b.      What should their username be?

c.       Specify a password , let them set it, or have Satori Create it?

2.       User a Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the Citrix Server.

a.       Use Microsoft Terminal Services Client

3.       Once Connected to the Citrix Machine

a.       Right Click on “My Computer” and select Manage

b.      Look for Local Users and Groups:

                                                               i.      Right Click on Users in Computer Management:

                                                             ii.      Click “New User” 

                                                            iii.      Fill in as appropriate according to the user input

                                                           iv.      In the above example we created Barb’s account.  This assumes we set or knew her password.

1.       To have a user setup their own password, uncheck “User cannot change password” and then check “User must change password at next logon”.  This will force them to set a new one password once they attempted to login with the default you gave them.

                                                             v.      Hit Create when ready.

                                                           vi.      A blank new user window will open again

                                                          vii.      Continue creating users until they are all added.



4.       Login in as the user

a.       On the Citrix Server Open the Browser and go to http://localhost

b.      Enter the user name and password to make sure you can connect.



Setup proCube Client


1.       Open proCube

2.       In the Server Click on the Server Settings

3.       Select Add Server

4.       Type in the Name of the proCube Server and the click Add



Add proCube Planning Excel Add-in



Robert – Follow the instructions that you have.



Create a proCube User ID


1.       Open proCube  and connect to the Planning Database as an Administrator

2.       Under the Model Tab,  Select Users & Groups


3.       Click on the Add…. Button

4.       In the Define User  Window click on the …..button next to User Name

5.       In the Select User or Group window type the username in the white window and click the Check Names button.

6.        Once the name has been found click ok to return to the Define User window. The password lines will be populated for you.  You do not have to change these.  Click OK gain and the User will appear in the User & Group Window.


7.       From the User and Group Menu assign the user to correct group by highlighting the user in the left hand pane and the group you want to assign them to on the right.  Then Click the arrow to add them to the group.