In the second procedure, you will generate the Data Integration Layer (DIL) which is ultimately the source of the proCube Planning instance.

Generate DIL -- No Errors

  1. Log in to the web application.

  2. Click on Generate Data Integration Layer.

  3. Select on an option under "Please Specify What Data Changes Occurred in Staging" by clicking one of the following:


  1. Now, select what Stage tables' data changed. If either "Dimensional Data" or "Fact and Dimensional Data" was selected in the prior step, two list boxes should display (one for dimensional tables and the other for fact tables). Otherwise, just the fact table list box displays.

  2. Once you make a selection, click Step 1: Validate Staging Data.






  1. Once the validation process is complete, a new page displays with "Dimensional Data Options" and a list of Fact Tables to build, based on what Stage fact tables you validated. Select an option from Dimensional Data Options, then click Step 2: Generate Data Integration Layer.



  1. A textbox entitled "Integration Layer Results" displays. You may rebuild more fact tables by repeating the process outlined above and clicking on Step 2: Generate Data Integration Layer. Optionally, you may restart the data validation process by clicking on the "Restart Validation Process" link, which will take you back to Step 2.



Generate DIL -- Errors

  1. Click on Generate Data Integration Layer.

  2. Select Staging Fact Tables to Validate, then click on Step 1: Validate Staging Data.

  3. An error message should display indicating that we detected errors, with a list of missing dimensional data, a list of non-matching calculations on the Stage_GL_Data table, or both.


Error Handling -- Missing Dimensional Data


Missing dimensional data means that rows on a certain fact table contain dimensional values which do not exist in the parent table (Example: Stage_FTE_Data contains an Employee_Code of "01231" but that Employee_Code does not exist in Stage_Employee).



Typically, this means that either the dimensional data loaded for the set was incomplete, or the fact table data loaded for the set was invalid.


In order to pinpoint the root cause, you may expand the error list by clicking on the "+" next to the Fact Table with the error. This will expand another list which will indicate what dimensional value is missing as well as how many rows contain the dimensional value.


Optionally, you may download a full report or a report for just a specific fact table. In order to do this, select either CSV or Excel in the dropdown of the main (or specific fact table) list. Then click the corresponding Download button. If you are downloading for reporting purposes, it is recommended you use the Excel option.


The fact or dimensional data must be re-uploaded in order to alleviate this error.


Error Handling -- Table Level Validations


A number of table level validations are performed before rebuilding the DIL. The table validation errors are designed to inform the user what is wrong with the data set for the table.



To get a more detailed view of the error to pinpoint the issue, click on Download Detailed Error Report to get an Excel file with a detailed view of the row(s) of data that are failing a particular table validation, or click the "+" next to the table in question to view the validation error messages.


Table Level Validations Inventory