Notification Service




The Notification Service is a supporting feature for the Monitor Service.  The Notification Service can send periodic e-mail updates to a recipient of what jobs the Monitor Service has processed, be it Large File Processing for the web application or any jobs related to the Monitor Service's Straight-Through Automated Upload.



The following configuration steps should be performed with Satori Support prior to actively using the Monitor Service as an automation agent:

  1. Specify the notification interval for the Notification Service (i.e. check every 2 hours for jobs processed by the Monitor Service).

  2. Specify the recipient for the notifications.

  3. Specify the SMTP server to use for the notifications.



Once it has been configured and switched on, the Notification Service will keep tabs of any Monitor Service job which gets processed.  If no jobs are processed within the notification interval, no e-mail will be sent to the recipient.  An e-mail to the recipient will only be sent if job(s) are processed by the Monitor Service.


'''Sample E-mail From the Notification Service'''