Monitor Service


The Monitor Service performs two functions:

  1. Processes CSV files larger than 2400KB (usually only CSV files for Stage_GL_Data)

  2. Facilitates straight-through automated upload, from CSV to proCube


    Large File Processing

    To enhance the user experience on the web application, the Monitor Service will background process CSV files larger than 2400KB in size.  By design, the only file expected to break this threshold is the source data for the Stage_GL_Data table.  The Monitor Service will upload the data to Stage GL Data by use of a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package (formerly known as a Data Transformation Services (DTS) package in older versions of Microsoft SQL Server).  The processing is performed asynchronously from the web application.


    Straight-Through Automated Upload

    In order to streamline the load process, the Monitor Service can also act as an automation agent and watch a configured directory for recognized CSV file names.  If any recognized CSV files are detected, the Monitor Service will load the data directly to the file's destination Stage table, validate the Stage data, fully rebuild the DIL in the proCube Xchange cubes.



  1. The following configuration steps should be performed with Satori Support prior to actively using the Monitor Service as an automation agent:

    1. Determine what are the recognized file names for each Stage table.  By default, the naming convention of the [http://phlipdev/Documentation/StagedPlanning/files2/RequiredFiles-txt.html Staged Planning Specification] is adhered.  If there are any custom tables, please consult with Satori Support to retrieve the naming convention for the new tables that are not part of the standard spec.

    2. Determine what directory the Monitor Service will watch.

    3. Determine the time frame in which the Monitor Service will be allowed to attempt DIL and proCube Rebuilds.

    4. Determine what tables will be excluded as part of the Validate Staging step.


Note: By default, Stage_Asset_Class and Stage_Asset_Data are both listed as optional tables for the Validate Staging Step.


  1. Determine what Xchange cubes will be part of the DIL and proCube Rebuild step.


  1. Note: By default, Xchange GL Data, Xchange Employee Data, Xchange FTE, Xchange TK Rates, Xchange Asset, Xchange WIP AR will be rebuilt.


    Process Explanation

    Logically, the work performed by the Monitor Service is separated into three processes:

    1. Process Uploads


    1. Validate Staging


      1.  Rebuild DIL and proCube

      • Frequency: Configurable, set to every 15 minutes by default and limited by a configured beginning and end time frame

      • Prerequisites:

        •     A batch of data has been detected by Process Uploads

        •     Validate Staging flags the batch as valid

        •     The current time falls within the configured time frame


Note: If the Monitor Service successfully reaches this step, the other two processes will be shut down until this succeeds or the Monitor Service is restarted.



In order to use the Monitor Service as an automation agent, contact Satori Support in order to locate the directory in which the Monitor will look for files as well as the recognized filenames for each Stage table.  Once this information has been provided, you may drop the CSV's with the recognized filenames into the directory.  The Monitor Service will attempt to upload each file to its destination Stage table and recognize this as a new batch of data.  The Monitor's progress may be viewed on the Monitor Summary interface of the Web Application.


Once the batch of data's upload to the Stage tables have been completed, the Monitor will follow the same steps of generating the DIL and rebuilding the cubes as the Web Application's usage manual stipulates.  By default, these are the settings that the Monitor will use:

The Monitor will only kick off a rebuild of the DIL and cubes under these conditions:

 Upon reaching the proCube rebuild step, the Monitor Service will:


Common Scenarios

'''CSV Files Uploaded, But A Required CSV File Failed Upload'''[[BR]]



The Monitor Service will reach the Validate Staging step and fail, because a required CSV is in CSV Upload Failed status.  The Monitor Service will attempt to keep validating until it succeeds.


Resolution Actions:


'''CSV Files Uploaded, But Stage Environment Invalid'''[[BR]]



The Monitor service will reach the Validate Staging step and fail, because some of either fact-to-dimensional data validation failures or table-specific validation failures


Resolution Actions:


'''CSV Files Uploaded, Stage Environment Validated, But DIL and proCube Rebuild Step Failed'''



The Monitor Service will indicate a failure of a process handled by the DIL and proCube Rebuild step.  The Monitor Service will attempt to perform a DIL and proCube Rebuild again in the configured interval from above.


Possible Points of Failure:


Resolution Actions:

Since the root cause of a DIL and proCube Rebuild step is usually involved in the underlying components, it is recommended that you contact Satori Support if you encounter any issues in this step.