Navigate to proCube Functions

  1. Once logged into the web application, on the upper right hand corner, click on "proCube Functions". A new window will launch.

  2. Enter a username and password for the proCube server (if applicable), then click on Connect to proCube Server

  1. In the Select Cubes to Rebuild list, if you rebuilt the DIL, the cubes that relate to the DIL Fact and dimension tables you built will be preselected.  Otherwise, you will have to select what cubes to build.

  2. Select a Rebuild Option (typically, it will be the middle option "Add Metadata and Refresh Fact Data" with Rebuild Hierachies unchecked

  1. Click on Rebuild Cubes. This window must be kept open until the rebuild completes

  1. The window will indicate when the cube rebuild is complete. You may close this window to go back to the IPStaging main page.