Generate Data Integration Layer


The process described in this section validates the data that has been loaded and builds the Data Integration Layer, which is used to populate the cubes in the Planning application

Once the load files have been successfully uploaded, you should perform the steps described below.


Log In to The Web Application

  1. Open Internet Explorer and browse to the client's Data Integration Utility web app location;

  2. At the login screen, enter the credentials which have been set up:

  3. You will be taken to the Main screen.


Generate DIL -- No Errors

  1. Click on Generate Data Integration Layer.

  2. Select on an option under "Please Specify What Data Changes Occurred in Staging".


  1. Now, select what Stage tables' data changed. If either "Dimensional Data" or "Fact and Dimensional Data" was selected in the prior step, two list boxes should appear (one for dimensional tables and the other for fact tables). Otherwise, just the fact table list box will appear. Once a selection has been made, click Step 1: Validate Staging Data.




  1. Once the validation process is complete, a new page will appear with "Dimensional Data Options" and a list of Fact Tables to build, based on what Stage fact tables you validated. Select an option from Dimensional Data Options, then click Step 2: Generate Data Integration Layer.




  1. A textbox entitled "Integration Layer Results" will display. You may rebuild more fact tables by repeating the process outlined above and clicking on Step 2: Generate Data Integration Layer. Optionally, you may restart the data validation process by clicking on the Restart Validation Process link, which will take you back to Step 2.